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Shocking Malfunctions In Bollywood so Far


Bollywood have huge list of actresses who are known for being Well-Dressed ladies. But sometimes these actresses have to face wardrobe malfunction which is very imbarassing…

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We have got a list of some most shocking malfunctions in Bollywood so far:

Ashwariya Rai


At the music lauch of movie ‘Ravan’, Ashwariya Rai had to face wardrobe Malfunction when her blouse got a little slipped up. It was an embrassing moment when she wore a blouyse which was a little too short for her size.

Parineeti Chopra


Last year Parineeti Chopra became a victim of wardrobe malfunction when her dress got torn from bottom probably because she could not fight in that tight dress.

Priyanka Chopra


Priyanka Chopra wore a beautiful white t-shirt and a black tight fitted skirt for an event. But the actress forget that flash of a camera is more powerful and makes everything Crystal clear. She exposed something that she intended to hide.

Kangana Ranaut


At a Fashion show in 2012, Kangana Ranaut showed off too much than she wanted to.

Deepika Padukone


Goregous actress Deepika Padukone also couldn’t escape from wardrobe malfunction. She had an embarassing moment at a popular Gossip show when her dress ripped at the sleeve.

Shamita Shetty


Few years back, actress Shamita Shetty was in headlines when at an event she was spotted wearing nothing under her black dress.

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