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Ranbir Kapoor talks about his marriage plans with Katrina Kaif

ranbir kapoor katrina kaif wedding

We all remember the times when Ranbir Kapoor and Katrina Kaif used to hide the reality of their relationship in front of the Cameras. Each and every time when they were spotted together, they both managed to manufulate and confidently denied each and every rumor.

But now, Ranbir Kapoor had finally decided to share the reality of his relationship with Katrina Kaif.

“This year both of usage extremely busy, so there won’t be any time for the marriage. We have planned to tie the knot by the end of next year. Both of us have agreed on that. Both of us are sure about our relationship and if we don’t open about it now, it would be showing disrespect to the relationship. I am 33 now and its time I have my family. Even Katrina wants that. I have grown up in a family where film is everything. So, I know the importance of gossip and funda is simple. When there is gossip, try not react and it is advisable not to think too much about yourself.”


The 33 years old actor had made the decision sensible and we are very happy that they are going to have a family together.

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