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Salman Khan Pays Highest Advance Tax

Salman Khan

Bhai Salman Khan is known to be the highest paid Indian actors and all his recent outings brought back huge returns for the budget on which they have been made. The actor has been paid hefty remuneration and is in huge demand. With number of movies lined up till 2018, the actor has been quite careful in finalizing the scripts of his upcoming movies. The financial year started recently which gives an indication of the start of planning and taxes along with investments. Calculating the expected earnings from all the commitments, the celebrities and actors along with industrialists pay advance tax to the government. The advance tax can be well defined as paying the part of your expected tax in advance before the completion of the financial year.

Now, Salman Khan topped the list of advance tax payers for the coming year and the actor paid Rs 32 crores and for the last year he paid Rs 26 crores. The follower of Salman Khan is Akshay Kumar who paid Rs 30 crores as advance tax for the year and he paid Rs 23 crores for the last year. Ranbir Kapoor stays third in the list with Rs 22.3 crores payment and Shah Rukh Khan followed him with Rs 20 crores. Aamir Khan paid an advance tax of Rs 19.6 crores and Big B Amitabh Bachchan paid Rs 17.5 crores.

Salman Khan is currently shooting for his next movie titled Sultan and the movie is being directed by Abbas Ali Zaffar which is a high voltage action entertainer. Anushka Sharma is the female lead and both Salman, Anushka will be spotted as wrestlers in the movie. The recently revealed teasers have been widely accepted by the audience. Yash Raj Films is producing Sultan which has been slated for release on July 6th during Eid this year.

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