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Free State of Jones

Free State of Jones

The Free State of Jones has portrayed Civil War between a farmer from Mississippi and the Confederate Army.

A southern farmer named Newt Knight, fights against the Confederate army by leading a group of rebellious people. The movie is about fighting tyranny and dominance and to free one’s state.

Knight collects the small farmers and the local slaves who have been suffering under the tyranny of Confederate army. He launches an army full of rebels and provokesthem to free Jones County of Mississippi and also to fight against the Confederacy. The main aim of Knight is to form a Free State of Jones. Hence the name of the movie is “Free State of Jones”.

The struggle of Knight continued against the tyrant Confederacy and hence he was distinguished as a compelling and controversial figure in the War. He has intelligently prepared an extraordinary armed army who was successful in throwing away the tyranny of the Confederate.

The role of Newt Knight has been very beautifully played by Matthew McConaughey. Keri Russell has also complemented her role very well as she is playing Serena Knight in the movie.

The civil war has been nicely portrayed on the screen, the actors have also worked hard to fit into the roles. The dialogues in the movie are also sufficient enough to grab the attention.

The shooting of the movie has been done in Jones County, Mississippi and USA. The movie has got excellent ratings and it is worth watching in the theatres nearby.

Free State of Jones Cast & Crew

Release Date:13th May, 2016
Director: Gary Ross
Main Actors: Matthew McConaughey, Keri Russell, GuguMbatha-Raw
Writers: Leonard Hartman (story), Gary Ross

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