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X-Men: Apocalypse

X-Men Apocalypse

Release Date: 27thMay 2016
Director: Bryan Singer
Main Actors: Sophie Turner, Jenifer Lawrence, Olivia Munn

X-Men: Apocalypse is an American superhero based film which is going to hit the theatres this year. It is a sequel of X-Men released in the year 2014. The ninth movie of the X-Men series is now ready for the X-Men fans.

It has shown the immortal and the invincible mutant known as Apocalypse. Since Apocalypse was considered as the most powerful, it used to be worshiped like God. However, this was the story of the early days.

In this movie, Apocalypse wakes up after a long sleep of thousand years and sees the changes in the world. Now, the changes in the present world disgust the Apocalypse and hence, he decides to again change the world and make it like it used to be earlier.

Apocalypse appoints four helpers and the followers who assist him to change the world. They start destroying humanity in order to make a new world from the ruins which used to be led by him.

A team is formed by the young X-Men, which are led by Charles Xavier and Raven. This team is formed with the motive to stop the Apocalypse or rather defeat him in order to save humanity and the present lifestyle.

This movie is full of action, adventure and fantasy. It portrays the success of good over bad. It shows how the X-Men army unite together to fight against someone who is deteriorating humanity.

The actors have worked hard and have done justice to the roles given. This movie is full of entertainment and action.

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