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Kim Kardashian is Pregnant with 2nd Child…???

Kim Kardashian is pregnant with their 2nd Child…??? An insider says that she is pregnant and is already expecting from last 12 weeks!

Kim Kardashian & Kanye West have been planning to have a 2nd child from almost a year. They were trying hard to give their daughter a sibling.

An insider shared “ I’ve heard that she’s passed the 12-weeks point, but that she and Kanye aren’t going to confirm it for at least a few more weeks.”

“She’s really nervous about jinxing with everything they’ve been through”, says the source.
The source shared “Every time they were told it hadn’t worked, Kim would go home and cry. This process definitely hasn’t been a walk in the park.”

The source continued to say, “ She’s being crazy protective, she’s Googling everything. She doesn’t want to risk doing anything that could damage the pregnancy. If something went wrong, especially something she could have prevented, she’d never forgive herself.”

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