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Super Sikh becomes popular among youth of UK

Super Sikh

We all are very much aware about superheroes like Superman, Bat-man, Spider-man, He-man but now the youth of UK is getting impressed from an entry of new superhero called Super Sikh. This superhero who fights with criminals is a Sikh and is dressed just like a Sikh person with turban and grown beards.

The most stunning news about this is that 40 % demand for this comic book is coming from UK. This comic book is getting more and more popular in Nostalgia and in Birmingham.

Super Sikh shows the life and adventures of a Sikh educated from Oxford- Deep Singh who wears a turban, sports a beard and uses his brain rather than brawn to fight against the forces of crime. Just like a Sikh, he fights for justice, equality and good in the battle against evil. Super Sikh is the brainchild of Oakland-based writer Eileen Alden and Silicon Valley executive, Supreet Singh Manchada.

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